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With elegance and sophistication, India Mahdavi signs a series of two tables, called PARROT. The glazed steel tabletop resonates with the elaborately drawn table leg. Dynamism emanates through the subtle colours : the tabletop contrasts with the orange-red epoxy painted table leg. Used by itself or as a set, the PARROT tables fit perfectly to every kind of interior or exterior.

"PARROT is a set of chatty indoor and outdoor tables. Used by itself or as a set, the dynamic colorful enameled surface contrasts with its orange-red foot, just like parrots of exotic islands." India Mahdavi
Technical specifications +
materials : Enameled steel, coated steel, epoxy paint.
weight : 39 kg
dimensions :
L: 90; W: 90; H: 73 cm
dimensions :
80x60x75 (pied) 110x110x12 (plateau) cm
Date of creation : 2015
Light yellow
ref. M0510301
Light turquoise
ref. M0510302
Light pink
ref. M0510303
Light green / dark green pattern (+600€)
ref. M0510304
Cream / Pink pattern (+800€)
ref. M0510305
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