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Panache, adorned with its colored tassels, is a mirror with mischievous elegance and exacerbated forms.


Supplied with an interchangeable tassels kit (Duo of 2 tassels available in 3 colours: Blue, Black, Gold).
"Panache is a mirror that is mischievously elegant with exaggerated shape. In an new twist on a timeless element of our interiors, the mirror is adorned with colourful tassels. Three set of two tassels are included: black, blue and gold. They invite you to transform this object to suit you. A delicate circle with darted edges, the mirror in available in three sizes." Constance Guisset
Technical specifications +
materials :
weight : 3 kg
dimensions :
W:37; H:112 cm
dimensions :
58x130x4 cm
Date of creation : 2016
Wall mirrors
ref. M0670301
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