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The GRILLO wall-lamp of Elise Fouin is after all a simple and elegant solution to dress up a light bulb. Dressed by a perforated metal disc, of 23cm or 36cm of diameter, the light bulb disappears and allows a light to seep through and be diffused. The minimal structure, combined with the light, becomes an eclipse; the pattern takes the colour of the object.

"The wall lamp GRILLO is the response to an exposed lightbulb on a wall. Its simple perforated circular form diffuses, defracts and dims the light much like a solar eclipse. With its minimalist form and range of colours it is easily incorporated into classic and contemporary interiors." Elise Fouin
Technical specifications +
materials : Coated steel, epoxy paint grained (except the pink colour)
weight : 0,3 kg
dimensions :
∅23 x w10 cm
dimensions :
28x28x15 cm
Date of creation : 2014
9016 - White
ref. L0400701
Light turquoise
ref. L0400702
1026 - Yellow
ref. L0400703
3012 - Pink
ref. L0400704
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