The two models of candle holders GRANDISSANT can be constructed freely thanks to the identical concrete modules (3 or 9 depending on the model) in which stacking and stability are guaranteed by metallic rings inserted into each module. The porosity, finesse and variation in tones in the concrete give the candle holders an unexpected and elegant aspect, one that evolves with time. Due to the nature of the material, GRANDISSANT should be handled with care.

"GRANDISSANT is thought as an organic candelabra, inviting users to change shape to their ideal. Its design plays with the image of a tree structure as singularity and seeks by its mobility to stimulate experience. Its DNA adapts to context, from a single module to multiple branches." Jean-Charles Amey
Technical specifications +
materials : Concrete.
weight : 3 kg
dimensions :
B a s e / Ø: 21; H: 5 Module / L: 12;H: 14 cm
dimensions :
43x30x12 cm
Date of creation : 2010
ref. D0030101
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