PING originates from a Soviet tin toy, a penguin, placed in his grandparents’ food cupboard, and who, in the mind of the then little boy, was monitoring his every move. Back then, Andras was 5 years old. The child’s fear morphed into a sweet memory, and Andras has harnessed it to draw, or rather sculpt, this collection.As he was experimenting and creating prototypes, the shapes became more and more refined, and the PING family was born, first with the baby, the mummy and the daddy versions, then with the more imposing grandfather. Ping is not only a series of 4 containers, but also company for everyday life, in a hall, on a chimney, in a kitchen…

"PING is a family of containers with purified forms of penguins. The «Grand Pere» version is the last piece that completes the collection : it offers more volume thanks to its more imposing appearance. Each PING is unique!" ANDRAS RIGLER
Technical specifications +
materials : Ceramic
weight : 0.3 kg
dimensions :
10 cm x 13 cm
dimensions :
17x17x22.5 cm
Date of creation : 2018
1013 - White
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