Lisa Laubreaux


An amalgamation of artist Keith Haring’s brush strokes, and the Memphis Group’s spirit and animation, Lisa Laubreaux delivers a playful and graphic pattern, which lets the imagination run wild – somewhere between a flickering face and a shower of streamers.

“In my graphic work, I focus on composition and balance by working with free materials (charcoal or lead pencil), then define strokes using pen and ink or a paintbrush, before bringing digital tools into play. Drawing inspiration from popular imagery and daily life, my simple stroke produces colourful visuals that reflect my witty vision of the world we live in”. LISA LAUBREAUX
Technical specifications +
materials :
weight : 1 kg
dimensions :
L: 70; H: 1000 cm
dimensions :
13.6x74 cm cm
Date of creation : 2018
Black pattern on White
ref. D0790101
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